Ergonomic consultancy

Ergonomic consultancy

Ergonomic consultancy

Ergonomy in offices

Organising offices according to ergonomically helps to form a workplace that supports the operating of the organisation and that adapts to the employees' needs.


  • increasing the effectiveness of the organisation, which has significant effects over a long term,
  • protecting employees' health, increasing their performance,
  • ensuring a modern, quality workplace,
  • environmental awareness.

The significance of an ergonomic workplace:

The effectiveness of the operation of an organisation depends on the working environment.

A well designed, ergonomically set up office space can effectively support work. It helps all equipment to be easily available; the gears to be in the right place and the workflow to go smoothly. Time and money is saved this way and effectiveness increases.

We make a big step forward in health promotion by setting up an ergonomics work environment. With the help of ergonomy several illnesses can be prevented that relate to structural problems, environmental and occupational hazards (joint disease, spinal problems, visual impairment, etc.). Hence the loss of work force resulting from illnesses can be reduced.

Our services:

  • Setting up offices from planning to implementation.
  • Office refresh: optimising, equipping, restructuring existing offices to set up an ergonomic environment.
  • Ergnomic survey and consultancy: exploring mistakes, problems, eliminating them and giving proposals for solutions.
  • Recommending ergonomic furniture, supplementary equipment and conducting training sessions about their usage.