Office massage

office massage

Office massage

Office massage is one of the best available prevention methods which can be easily fit to the working day. The massage has got anti-stress effect properties therefore is a major contributor in preventing psychosomatic illnesses. Regular sessions can reduce illness in the workforce, ultimately reducing employee absences.

The office massage:

  • Revitalizing
  • inspiring
  • increases performance
  • team building
  • strengthens loyalty

Nowadays organisations pay special attention to their most important capital: human resources. We started office massage 11 years ago. Employee preventative care has become more emphasized over the last few years. Clear success in our work has proven to us and also to our customers that this service has a significant role in work life.


  • We have 11 years experience in the field of workplace prevention.
  • Our colleagues are highly qualified experts
  • We built up our programme specifically to offset the effects of sitting all day and stress release
  • We make an effort to send the same masseur to the office every time for customized servicing. The masseur will have a clear understanding of the customers’ needs after the first few sessions.
  • Beyond office massage we are ready to offer help and give advice in the field of musculoskeletal problems and healthy lifestyle.

The massage is done in a special chair, which is established for sitting massage. We built up our programme in a way that during one session we offer the most effective treatment. Therefore along with traditional Swedish massage we apply Asian massage elements as well.

Duration of the massage:

  • 15 minutes - 16oo Ft
  • 2o minutes - 18oo Ft
  • 3o minutes - 27oo Ft

No additional VAT charges.

The office massage service is easy to put into practice, because:

  • We supply all the equipment
  • Our need for space is minimal, 3-4 m2
  • On-line registration for appointments
  • Payment is done on a monthly basis
  • We offer solutions to the administration of the full service, i.e. registration appointments, preparing monthly reports, invoicing
  • Wide range of financing options

Financing possibilities include:

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal
  • Financing through private health insurance fund
  • Financing through Szép Kártya recreational budget